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Do you find it hard to “let go?” So many of us struggle with worry and anxiety. We micromanage every aspect of our lives and try SO hard. It’s hard to give up that control. But, when we do let go of managing our lives, God steps in.

Jason Gray’s song “I’m Gonna Let Go” is a great reminder of this! Jason says, “I think God is a gentleman, and He’ll never force Himself on us. And the first time I began to recognize that dynamic in my own life was – it says He’ll be my provider, but if I insist on providing for myself, He won’t stop me. He’ll say ‘All right, if that’s how you wanna do it, you go head and knock yourself out.’ And then I’ll get down that road, and I’m stressed and I’m aware of my bank statement every minute of every day, until I recognize that I’m doing it and this is not the way I wanna live, and I’m like ‘Okay I’m sorry, I’ve done it again, I want to trust you.’ If I insist on being in control and managing my life, the Lord will allow me to do that. But the moment when I let go, He steps in and then I’m on a different plan.”

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