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Where were you before you came to know Christ? Colossians 2:13-14 speaks of our lives before Christ as being ‘dead.’ Jeremy Camp says that’s what inspired him in writing his song “Dead Man Walking.” “There was a time I felt emotionally and spiritually dead, but then God changed me radically. That is why I’m excited to share this song, because it’s a song of thankfulness that even though I was once a ‘dead man walking’ I’m now a man ‘walking with God.’”

Sadly, we live in a world filled with desperation and hopelessness. Maybe you’ve struggled with those feelings at times, too. There are millions of people whose light is flickering and dying, who think no one cares for them, who think they’ve gone too far. Let Lauren Daigle’s song “Rescue” be a reminder that there IS hope and there is a savior who can rescue you, whatever situation you may find yourself in. “You are not hidden, there’s never been a moment you were forgotten, you are not hopeless.”

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