What’s New | January 3

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The siblings of CAIN were inspired to write their song “The Commission” by the words issued directly from Jesus before He ascended to heaven. With these two verses, He gives new meaning and purpose to His disciples—and to every person who chooses to believe in Him. 

God loves you. His love for you is not dependent on you being perfect. That lesson is what helped Franni from We The Kingdom in writing their song, “Dancing On The Waves.” She shares, “God is constantly reaching out to me and will chase me down even when I want to run away. That is what Christianity is about – a great God, full of love, who is willing to do anything to reach us. His promise is that no matter where we are or what we’ve done, we are His masterpiece and the object of His greatest affection! There is no boundary too strong for Him. No fear. No shame. No sin. No defeat. He even crossed the boundary between heaven and earth and human flesh and bones to save us. Today, Jesus is reaching out to you, do you dare to reach back?”

We’re all searching for meaning and identity in life. So many things leave us unfulfilled and empty. Needtobreathe’s song, “I Am Yours,”  is about leaning into who we were created to be and accepting who we are—flaws and all. Josh from the band says, “What I love about this song is that it is a reminder of a consistent and perfect love that as humans, we can’t even begin to comprehend. Even in the hard times, when we are fearful of what is next, that love will always be there.”

If, after the last couple of years, you find yourself feeling weary, you’re not alone. Jordan St. Cyr’s song “Weary Traveler” is one inspired by that journey. He says, “You know, God has given us this amazing and beautiful life, but we still get those days and seasons that can leave us run down and worn out. For me and my family, navigating the chronic illness of my youngest daughter has been impossible at times, but what has made it all worth it is knowing we were never meant to walk in our struggle alone. I believe that one day we will find complete rest and healing when Jesus calls us by name and that one day soon, we will make it home.” 

Jordan Feliz’s song “Jesus Is Coming Back” points to the hope of Christians around the world, giving voice to those longing for a home other than ones built on earth. He says, “We were meant to thrive here, but we’re not meant to be here forever. It’s OK to feel out of place. It’s OK to feel like you’re not OK right now. It’s OK to have all those feelings, because we’re human, and we’re meant for heaven; we were created for that.” (Listen for guest vocals from Mandisa and Jonathan Traylor!)

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