What’s New | January 18

In Blog by Libby

We all agree we want this year to be different, right? Ready to kick of 2021 with a bang? Danny Gokey’s 2021 anthem, “New Day” is a perfect fit! It’s a jam (a bop?) bursting with hope and the uplifting reminder that God’s mercies are new every single morning. Roll down the windows, crank it up and be filled with encouragement!

Have you ever felt you were in a difficult season where the darkness feels as if it could last forever? Micah Tyler’s been there, too. He says his song, “New Today” may be the most personal song he’s ever written, and it’s about that season in his life.

He shares, “We were walking through the effects of Hurricane Harvey on our home and also my brother who was in the middle of battling stage four colon cancer. It was in the weakest of moments where I just said, ‘God, I know your word says that your mercies are made new, but I need You to remind my heart of the truth behind that.’ He did… one day at a time. As soon as the sun breaks the horizon and lights everything up, we’re reminded of the newness of a new day.  Hopefully, this song will be something that encourages you in that way and reminds you that God’s mercies are made new TODAY.” 

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