What’s New | February 6

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“Things will slow down.” By now most of us have probably seen the meme that says: Adulthood is saying “After this week, things will slow down” until you’re dead. Every day, there’s a car breaking down, a kid with a project due, bills to pay, a car to fix, a kid’s party to go to, a house thing to fix, a doctor’s appointment to schedule, meals to make,  dishes to keep from piling up, laundry to fold. It just feels like so much weight to carry. Brandon Heath’s song “That’s Enough” is a break from that weight. It’s a song that gives us even just a moment to catch our breath and rest in the fact that we are loved by God.


Worry, fear, anxiety. These are struggles we are all familiar with, including Jeremy Camp. His song “Anxious Heart” is a comfort for those of us who deal with the weight of anxiety. He shares, “I’ve walked with anxiety in a big way over the last few years. I really had to lean on the Lord to get me through and man did He show up. I hope this song helps provide some calm in the storm and the reminder that God has us, even in the hardest times.” 

So many of us are hurting and fighting battles. Natalie Grant’s song “You Will Be Found” (featuring Cory Asbury) is a reminder that every time you call out, you’re a little less alone. The love of Christ will find you wherever you are. Natalie says, “The message of this song immediately makes me think of the love of Jesus and how it has the ability to find every single one of us. But then the message also reminds me of the words of Jesus found in John 13:34. Jesus said, ‘I give you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you.’ I pray that those of us who know that Love, will show it to those who are desperate to find it. Love a little harder this season. Everyone needs it.”


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