What’s New | February 15

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What a difficult year 2020 was. But now we’re entering a new year, perhaps with new hope and a new perspective? After a period of time that felt like it required so much of us, the message of Zach Williams’ song “Less Like Me” is fairly simple: just do a little more each day to be better than we were before. Zach says, “Looking more like Jesus is something we have to choose every day. It usually means choosing the harder option — showing someone kindness when it’s easier to turn a blind eye. Forgiving someone when we don’t think they deserve it.” Working toward those fruits of the spirit, the character of Jesus. He’s there in every moment, and we can use each moment to be a little more like Him.

The lyrics to We The Kingdom’s song “Child Of Love” are rooted in hopefulness and joy, reminding us of our permanent source of light, our Heavenly Father. Get ready to take an audio trip back to the 70s – and see if you can hear those guest vocals from Bear Rinehart of Needtobreathe.

In those moments when we feel overwhelmed with shame or guilt, God’s grace is bigger. He can handle it and take that from us, and He loves us and wants to do just that. In Him we find our hope. That’s the message in Stephen Stanley’s song “No Hopeless Soul.”

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