What’s New | April 4

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We are not alone in our search for community, togetherness and unity. for King & Country’s song “For God Is With Us” reminds us that God is with us, no matter the time or place. “This song speaks to all circumstances. No matter hardship or great delight, we can all take great comfort in God being with us.” – Joel & Luke Smallbone

When you think about the future, do you do so with hope? Phil Wickham’s song “Hymn of Heaven” is a reminder that we can, because of the future we have in Jesus. “You’ll notice the literal chorus changes in the song from ‘there will be a day’ to ‘so let it be today we shout the hymn of heaven’ because I want to make sure people are not just looking toward the future, but saying, ‘Jesus, be the King of my life right now – as it is in heaven – right now in my life.’ The song is all about hope for the future but is also a prayer we can all pray together for Jesus to be King in our own lives here and now. I hope that it brings hope, joy, and life to you!” – Phil Wickham

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