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So many of us feel crushed by the weight of life. These days, that weight may feel even greater. Lauren Daigle’s song “Still Rolling Stones” is a great reminder of the love of our Savior waiting to pull us out of the grave. God always has been and is still in the business of reviving and restoring. Our world is broken and fallen, which forces us to face difficult issues that sometimes leave us paralyzed. They are messy, but we must not forget the prevailing power of God to heal and restore the messiness. As people of faith, we are encouraged to continually focus our eyes on the Lord through it all. As you enter this Easter season and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a reminder of our victory over sin, remember that His sacrifice was an act of restoration—an act He continues in our lives each day.

We’ve all gone through seasons in life where we feel like things are going all wrong. Maybe you feel that way right now. Jason Roy of Building 429 has some encouragement. He says, “What feels like a prison can be God breaking the prison walls down. If you ask anybody for their testimony, the first thing they’ll do is to go to their moment of brokenness, lost and alone and hopeless, and then God. If that’s true that our present sufferings are a testimony in the making, then maybe it’s not a war we’re standing in. But, a blessing we can’t see yet.” That’s the heart behind their song, “Blessing I Can’t See.”

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