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Have you ever had a “spirit sing” moment? What is a “spirit sing” moment? Here’s how Phil Joel from Zealand Worship explains it:

“We had a spirit sing moment waiting for the eclipse. Just before the eclipse hit, there was this moment where you could hear everybody breathe in and gasp as the eclipse locked in and everything went dark. The birds stopped chirping, and then everybody let out this ‘whoa’ cheer once it hit. Whether they knew it or not, everybody was in awe of God and let out a cry of praise at that moment. That was an awesome, in the correct use of the word, experience of God’s display of His creativity.”

“There’s so much out there when we stop and be still and in awe of God in a prayerful way. We experience and see God in nature, and we hear from Him when we open Scripture. If we are open to it, we will inhale and gasp and exhale and proclaim His praise, and your soul will want to sing. How much we engage with worship is up to us, including how much we want to see and experience God. The truth is His presence is always here, and we can see Him if we open ourselves up to Him.”

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