Waves | Josh

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I love the sound of waves lapping against the sandy shore. It’s my favorite thing about any beach trip. It is one of the most peaceful sounds on planet earth, up there with fat drops of rain on a tin roof. Waves are soothing to listen to, fun to play in and maybe exciting to surf on… I have no idea. There’s no way I’ll ever have the balance to successfully surf! (Let alone be comfortable wearing a wetsuit in public) Waves have a beautiful rhythm to them – just like life.

Sometimes those waves carry us, carefree and full of joy, with crazy momentum. Sometimes waves are soft and still – when life is a bit slow. And then there are those scary times when the waves come crashing down and we can’t tell which way is up. My hope and prayer for you is that you get to celebrate a season of riding high on the waves of life. But occasionally in life we all find ourselves being smashed against the rocks of challenging circumstances. In those scary moments, having a safe space to hear the still calm voice of God speak His Peace into our broken hearts is so important.

And because of the generosity of LifeSongs supporters, God often uses this radio station to be that place of calm, in a swirling sea of life. Cathy shared with us about how LifeSongs is introducing Jesus to her foster children:

“As a foster mom there is a learning curve with each kiddo that comes into our home. Most of them have never even heard about Jesus. So we play LifeSongs Radio in the car. [Foster daughter] would complain how much she didn’t like the music. But after two months I caught her singing along to “Be Alright” from Evan Craft and Danny Gokey. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want her to stop. She began to believe those lyrics and she was all right.”

God is using you through the ministry of LifeSongs Radio. For real, for real. Thank you so much!