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Yep! It’s that time of year again where people are planning vacations. I think it’s called fun in the sun or something like that.

My idea of vacation is going up North in the middle of Winter and enjoying the cold, but not my family!  My wife and kids love the beach and sitting out in the sun for hours and hours- just talking about it I can feel the heat. There is no hiding the fact that I have no desire to go to the beach. However, I am going because my family wants me to.

It kind of reminds me of Jesus walking up that mountain with a cross in the heat, because His Father wanted Him to and His family (us) needed Him to.  He could have stopped it all. He had the power. He could have thrown down the cross, stood up, had Heavenly angels fly down and break him away from the pain. But Jesus pressed on because He knew the outcome would be greater.

I am not trying to compare my strong desire to not go to the beach to what Jesus went through but I am saying that the outcome of me going without complaint will be much greater and the reward of creating memories will be untouchable. Not to mention that I will most likely have a blast and forget how much I don’t like the beach once I am there anyway. So this summer as you plan your vacations or maybe if you just stay home and find yourself not happy and disagree on activities, remember what Jesus did for us. His sacrifice has paved a way for us to live with Him forever, and have a great summer. Because GOD is GOOD all the TIME!