Uplift Aerials | Daniel Waghorne

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Daniel Waghorne owns and operates Uplift Aerials out of Southeast Louisiana – and we are just getting started with his LifeSongs partnership!  I (Vance) met with him recently to get his story and I was blown away.

Daniel works in the Film/TV/Movie industry, and in a big way. Basically he is the go-to guy for drone shots in Hollywood South. Uplift Aerials has done work on NCIS New Orleans and a whole lot more. You name it – Daniel was the aerial guy for it.

Your probably know that Hollywood has been on strike for some time. That brought Uplift Aerials’ business to a halt. However Daniel continues to find work, and he says it’s only because he is a Christian. People in his field call him and ask how he is surviving and he gets to say “Because of my Jesus!”

Think about that! Let’s admit it, in the film industry, Jesus is not a name that is used in the right manner too often.

Daniel Waghorne is super excited to work with LifeSongs – to be a blessing because God has blessed him. Pray for Daniel and his businesses, Uplift Aerials, that GOD continues to use him to show what faith will do for you, even when HOPE is gone.

Thank you, GOD, for putting people like Daniel into the LifeSongs family. Here is a man showing a world that has cut GOD out, that the Bible is so true. With GOD all things are possible!


Because GOD is GOOD all the TIME!