Unwrapping Christmas Memories | Libby

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The holidays are filled with traditions. Maybe yours involve caroling around your neighborhood or wearing embellished sweaters while drinking hot cocoa. Or, maybe, you and your family like to watch ALL the Christmas movies, from the classics like Charlie Brown and It’s A Wonderful Life to more recent ones starring Arnold Schwarzenegger on a hunt for the perfect Christmas gift. No matter what the tradition, you and your family are likely making memories.

Much like that cheesy Arnold Schwarzenegger Christmas movie, I can distinctly remember the year I excitedly unwrapped a gift I didn’t expect to receive. It wasn’t a Turbo Man doll – but it was a hard-to-find item. It was Western Barbie  She was so groovy, with a white and sparkly silver fringed outfit, cowgirl hat & boots, and the BRIGHTEST blue eyeshadow you’ve ever seen. When you pushed a (rather primitive) button on her back, she “winked” one of those eyes, and looked like the most insane, half-asleep cowgirl you’d ever seen. AND I LOVED IT.

What was that special gift that led to a memorable moment in your life?

Did you know YOU could be a part of making memories like that, too? And not just making sweet memories, but actually CHANGING LIVES? Believe it or not, it all starts with a shoebox. There will be certain moments during Christmases to come that have an impact on you and your kids, too. Why not let those moments begin NOW, by packing a shoebox gift with your family for a child who needs to know that God loves them?

Operation Christmas Child is back and collecting shoebox gifts for kids THIS WEEK! So NOW is the time to seek out your Western Barbie, Tickle Me Elmo, Turbo Man dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids, Fidget Spinners, or whatever other special items you want to send, so you can drop off that packed gift by Monday! (If you’re looking for ideas to get you started on items, check these out!)

It all starts with YOU! Just think: because you packed a shoebox, a child halfway across the world may get to hear about Jesus for the very first time. That’s not just creating a memory – it’s creating a lasting change in someone’s life! Thank you so much for your generosity. Please pray with us for the children receiving these gifts, that God would use them to share the Gospel and transform communities all around the globe!

Thank you so much and, even though it’s early, MERRY CHRISTMAS!