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“Earth people, please come in. I am not alien. // This is love calling, please come in. I want to be your friend.”

These lyrics (along with the amazing and memorable accompanying video) are locked into the vault that is my memory. I grew up in a house filled with music, and I had this record on repeat! Perhaps this cemented my love of leg warmers, sequins, choreographed dance moves and casually playing glockenspiel in the backseat of the car.

The song is called “Love Calling,” and it’s by Leon Patillo. It came out in 1984, the year of the New Orleans World’s Fair and the year Knight Rider and The A-Team were must-see TV. It was also the year Prince Harry was born, we were introduced to Tetris and Apple computers, and it was the year LifeSongs was a mere 5 years old, playing songs like this one. And now, LifeSongs is turning 41. Time FLIES!!

Do you remember the first song YOU heard on LifeSongs? Or when you first started listening? Has there been a song in these last 41 years (Leon Patillo, anyone?) that God has used to have an impact in your life? In the 36 years since “Love Calling,” there have been countless other songs that God has used to speak to me. He’s provided comfort in times of sadness, peace in the midst of difficult circumstances, even answers to specific prayers, all through lyrics I’ve heard while listening to LifeSongs. Chances are, you can say the same.

I know as we get older some of us tend to shy away from birthday attention. But this is a milestone worth celebrating! Over FOUR DECADES of sharing God’s love through LifeSongs? And it’s all possible because of YOU. LifeSongs is listener-supported, and has been since the beginning in 1979. THANK YOU for being part of this amazing ministry! I hope you’ll celebrate with us as we stroll down the lane of these past 41 years of memories, and share your story of God at work in your life through LifeSongs.