The Season | Vance

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The season of giving is upon us.  Before we know it Thanksgiving will be here.  Then Christmas. And then New Years!  I want to make this season about giving, but I don’t mean wrapped gifts…  I’m talking about the gift of knowing who GOD is. Knowing who Jesus is. The gift of knowing there is an afterlife with streets of gold. This season I want to let as many people know that there is a GOD that loves them and is ready for them to come home.

We are approaching a season that should be filled with joy and happiness, however, for many that is not the case. You see 24% of people with some type of mental illness say that it gets much worse during the holiday season. I say let’s change that.

How do we change it? We spread the word of GOD and let people know there is a Father in Heaven that loves them, wants them, and will never forsake them!  In the world today there is so much to make people depressed. This holiday season I want everyone who I come in contact with to know the Good News.  Like one of my favorite bands the Newsboys say “GOD is not DEAD!”

I ask you all to help me remember that – and let’s spread His Love this year more than we ever have!  Let’s show the world that GOD is not DEAD!  Why? Because GOD is GOOD all the TIME!