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Easter has come and gone. The stone has been rolled away.

You may even feel like you need to be rolled away like Violet did on Willy Wonka! That’s because you’ve been stress eating all the candy. (What I wouldn’t do for another chocolate marshmallow egg?!!)

You and I observed Easter in a different way this year… most likely in your pajamas.

To be honest though, I’m still celebrating. (I’ve changed the pajamas, but upgraded to gym clothes!)

I try my best to celebrate Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection every chance I can. Truly. It’s something I thank Him for daily.

I keep a nativity set in a nook that’s on display right when you walk in my front door. It’s not to make those who walk in my house think I’m extra holy. It’s a reminder to me that I never want to take the message of the gospel and what Christ did for me (and YOU) for granted.

It’s a privilege to share about what the Lord has done and I’m so thankful that I get to do that every single day through your support of Lifesongs.

My point for writing this blog is this:

I can’t say enough how important it is to share Jesus with those you encounter: the mailman, delivery driver, fast food employee, restaurant car hop, your co-worker.

(I’m not talking about shoving religion down someone’s throat. I’m talking about showing and sharing God’s genuine love for them. The type of love that would change them from the inside out.)

This is a time when people are in search of the truth and hope that only Christ can bring.

YOU have the opportunity to lead someone to that truth, but you never know how many times you’ll get that opportunity.

This is heavy on my heart because my husband’s co-worker just lost his battle with COVID-19. Not only did he work closely with my husband, but he was a good friend of someone very close to me.

If you’ve lost a loved one during this season, know that God is with you.

If you’ve encountered a plummet in your business, know that God cares for you.

If you’ve lost hope and have been bound by depression, know that God is faithful.

Also know that whatever you are going through, LifeSongs is here for you.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of this amazing family.