Spring Forth | Nancy

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Who knew we would be saying thanks for a canceled Mardi Gras 2021 as a Polar Vortex rolled through town ! The farmers almanac didn’t even see that one coming! I happened to be out of town , ( freezing on the beach too) when the temps dropped below freezing. That left us unable to protect any of our plants that we had recently planted right before Christmas. I mean we live in Southeast Louisiana , that’s the norm and Lowe’s always an abundance of green!

So as we got home we were prepared to see a bunch of brown weeds in our gardens.. I spoke to a local nursery and they recommended at the time, to just leave the plants alone. Last weekend I couldn’t take it anymore, the brown had seemed to overtake whatever green was left and honestly it was just kind of dreary to pull up to my home and see withered and discolored sad little plants all over. I got right into the project and began little by little cutting away all of the brown yuck. Some of it even smelled awful . But, underneath all of that brown , lo and behold fresh green ! Not just in 1 of the plants , but ALL of them! Had I not seen that little bit of green , I would have pulled them all out and thrown them away. I would then just hit Lowe’s again and try to replace them, along with a conversation with my husband about going over our budget!

Isn’t life like those little plants sometimes? Looking like weeds and gross on the surface , but underneath fresh new growth beginning to root . We can’t see the new growth until it’s revealed. In general we tend to quickly want to pull up and discard those things that seemingly are gross and ugly to us. If we wait, not only do we get to see the new growth , we get the blessing of the experience of it !

Waiting on our “Waymaker” as He seems to take what’s dead and bring back to life again is where our faith gets strengthened. We need to be looking at whatever circumstances or even people on the outside appear to be a lost cause, faithfully knowing God is working behind the scenes! Praying with a hopeful expectation to be able to see the new growth springing forth!

Isaiah 43:19
“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth , do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. “

John 5:17
“ But Jesus replied, “My father is always working and so am I “