Spirit of Giving | Nancy

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I have found myself shopping a little at a time this year for friends and family on my list .. allowing me to genuinely focus on my gift to them and what they mean to me! It’s so amazing as I am in the mall this year, how so many people are feeling generous! It’s like we are making up for lost time from what the past two Christmas seasons have been . I LOVE Christmas! I LOVE the smells ! I LOVE the busyness ! I LOVE my house being full of all sorts of trees and decorations!

I am very simple for most events and holidays, but at Christmas I am completely Vegas Baby!! The “More the Merrier” is my motto beginning the day after Thanksgiving through the end of the year!

So, as I am out and about taking care of my Christmas list, I have met some kindred spirits that have the same mindset. We chat while waiting to checkout or as we are eyeballing the same item and discover they have caught the Spirit of Christmas Fever too! I don’t want to sound like a Hallmark movie, but it really is refreshing to share giving with others !

Lifesongs recently Celebrated our “ Spirit of Giving “ campaign . An opportunity to give financially to the ministry at the end of the year . So many friends called in and gave . We have numerous friends that give monthly, that called in and give an extra gift . We even had one friend call in with a large gift, then he called back and gave more as we were chatting on air about his church and Pastor!

Giving is contagious. I find I am drawn to people with generous hearts . Maybe that’s why I find so many new friends while I’m out and about now. Maybe that’s why this year our end of the year gifts have been some of the best ever ! Working with our Lifesongs family , I know everyone here has big kind generous hearts and our listening family caught the “Spirit of Giving” fever ! Beyond the financial gifts , we get the gift of connection with You. Your end of the year gifts don’t just bring you closer to us, but we feel closer to you! I just think about those few days we set aside to raise funds and my heart smiles and is so happy ! Reminding me that I am literally surrounded by generosity! How could I not be giddy and making new friends as I am out Christmas shopping ! I’m so grateful that we get to share that connection through your giving and I’m sure you give big year round, and I’m not just talking financially..Thank you for having a big, kind and generous heart and Merry Christmas!

Somehow, not only for Christmas,
But all the long year through,
The joy that you give to others,
Is the joy that comes back to you.
And the more you spend in blessing,
The poor and lonely and sad,
The more of your heart’s possessing,
Returns to you glad.
– John Greenleaf Whittier

“If you give, you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full measure, pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, and running over. Whatever measure you use in giving — large or small — it will be used to measure what is given back to you.” (Luke 6:38)