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When you imagine heaven, which earthly place gives you heaven-like vibes?! 

Did you go to the beach for Memorial Day?

If I had to describe what heaven might seem like, I’d say the beach because it’s where I feel so peaceful, happy, and in my element. 

Although, there was one day when it wasn’t as perfect as I would’ve hoped. 

The first day, everything was splendid. We enjoyed the sunshine, waves, and sand. It was warm yet breezy. There were waves, but they were pretty calm. There was even a sand bar we were able to walk out to. The sand was even pleasant! In the shade, it was so cool and relaxing to dig your feet into. It really was the most beautiful weather and environment for visiting the beach. 

The second and third day, however, were a bit different. It was a bit cloudy, the waves were more choppy, (which my kids enjoyed so they could boogie board!) and there was so much seaweed that showed up on shore. The day before we left, the seaweed was so bad that you couldn’t walk into the water without seeing the seaweed for miles. The water still felt glorious, but the seaweed was aggravating. It got caught on everything— like in your hair or on a piece of jewelry! There were even times that when it brushed against you, it felt like a sea creature (and made you jump) until you realized it was just the seaweed! 

What’s the point of my story?!

Well friend, it’s the reminder that in one day, things can change. Sometimes it’s something favorable; sometimes it’s something you didn’t plan for and get frustrated by. 

Either way, with or without the seaweed moments in your life, God is good through it all. 

This is also your reminder that the unpleasant moments don’t last forever. Joy comes in the morning!

Psalm 30:5b

“…..weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.”

The next day, my sister called and said the beach was completely clear of the seaweed, and it went back to the picture perfect beach I know and love. (Was she just trying to get me to come back?!?! That’s questionable!!!) 

There are great days and there are discouraging ones, but none change the fact that you are unconditionally loved by God the Father.