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Seasons, we all go through them, hot, cold, feeling good, and the “WOW” trees and flowers are pretty, one.

Being from south Louisiana we can tell when we get out of our car and our glasses fog up, or when your hair that you just straightened somehow is wavy before you make it to that meeting, that is Summer time in south Louisiana!

It is a little harder to tell when it is winter, some days it’s 30 degrees and the next day it’s 85. Living in south Louisiana, sometimes we know exactly what to expect and sometimes we  just  to have to wait and see.

Now, this blog is not about the four seasons, but rather about the season you and I are in spiritually. Some of us are confused, some are just going with it, some are scared, and some are ready. As for me, I am one just going with it. I feel God’s presence and know that He is with me. However, I feel like sometimes I am waiting for Him to show up and make an amazing change and with the snap of a finger viruses are gone and everyone loves everyone.

I can only imagine how the ones that are confused feel, wondering everyday how can a certain situation be happening. Then I look at the friends that are scared and feel like God may have abandoned them. While there are the people who are ready and want to move without God saying “move”. No matter what state you are in you have to slow down and do some research, kind of like winter in south Louisiana, you can wake up grab the full winter gear, coats, sweaters, winter boots, scarves and head outside to find out that its 91 degrees today or you can turn on the TV find out what temperature it is going to be to make sure you are ready for the day and are prepared.

Just like having a source to help us know what kind of day we can expect, we have a source that can help us through our personal season as well. We can talk to God through prayer and His word, know where He is, know what He is doing is good, and hear Him when He says “move”. So, no matter what season you are in your life, know that GOD is with you and He will never forsake us, He will never abandon us, He will never forget about us. Because GOD is good all the time.