Rock in the Rain | Jojo

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The rain (and snow) come, but so does the sunshine.

My family and I took a little trip to the most magical place on earth during Mardi Gras break, and we definitely picked a good time to be out of town because of the freezing cold weather.

I’m more of a sunny climate type of person and thankfully, Florida had a lot of it to offer.

If you visit the sunshine state often, particularly the Orlando area, you know that there’s always a chance of some rain. (Usually in the afternoon)

You know as a Disney goer, ponchos (or rain jackets) are a MUST! Everyday, we had 4 with us just in case.

For the most part, the weather held up for us and the sun blessed us with its warmth.

One of the days we were there, my family was waiting in line to ride the new Millennium Falcon attraction. (It’s one of those simulated 3D rides and this momma gets very dizzy on that kind so I sat this one out.)

It was drizzling so I figured I would throw on my poncho and find some covering just in case it decided to to pour. Well, I’m glad I did because not long after, the rain started to fall down harder.

There’s not many places in Disney to duck and cover if you find yourself caught in a downpour, but I just so happen to find a spot right in front the ride my family was on. The spot wasn’t very big, but it had just enough rock coverage above (from the building) to create what was a dry spot!

That place, my friend, is where I (and another momma) found shelter & stayed dry, and it’s also where God showed me something cool!

In Luke 6 Jesus says, “I will show you what it’s like when someone comes to me, listens to my teaching, and then follows it. It is like a person building a house who digs deep and lays the foundation on solid rock. When the floodwaters rise and break against that house, it stands firm because it is well built.”

Jesus is the rock and solid foundation on which we stand, but we aren’t just meant to stand on His promises and His word. You and I are protected by them too!

Job 24:8
“They are wet with the rain of the mountains and cling to the rock for lack of shelter.”

The fellow momma and I were for sure holding tightly to the one dry spot we found!

Friend, here’s your reminder that God, the rock of your salvation, is your shelter in the midst of the storm! You can run to Him, and He will protect you.

1 Samuel 2:2:
“No one is holy like the Lord, For there is none besides You, Nor is there any rock like our God.

Proverbs 18:10:
“The name of the Lord is a strong fortress; the godly run to him and are safe.”

2 Samuel 22:47:
“The Lord lives! Blessed be my Rock! Let God be exalted, The Rock of my salvation!