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The LifeSongs Days of Summer Fun are here! I, for one, am very excited. Summer memories are among some of my favorites, and they usually involve being in the family ride. Yep, it’s that time of year again! Time to buckle up in the family station wagon and play slugbug with your siblings. (Even if the kids are no longer seated all the way in the “back-back” of the car, facing outward to wave at every driver tailgating behind you. Remember how fun that was?) That’s right, time for a family road trip! Ready to see a giant bowling pin, smiley faced water towers, or even a museum dedicated to buttons? can help you with the planning. Meanwhile, we’ve got these tips to help make your trip a smooth one:

  • Map route including stops with kid friendly areas and bathrooms. Check ahead of time to make sure the areas are safe.
  • Pack the car wisely. Put toys, extra clothes, and snacks within easy reach. Don’t over pack.
  • Have healthy snacks handy; purchasing anything on the road will be costly.
  • Make it a family affair and listen to some audio books. Take advantage of the time in the car, don’t dread it.
  • Double check that the hotel is kid-friendly.

Road trips can also involve meals made of things you’d never dream of eating back at home. (Or things you’ve ONLY dreamed about eating…like corn dogs and milkshakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!) But with a little smart packing and planning ahead, you can stay healthy – even on the road. Check out the options has laid out for you here.

Summer is the best time for vacationing – and roadtripping – but that summer heat can do a number on your ride! Is your car ready for the hot summer season? I’m afraid mine is not. My husband and I drove thousands of miles already this summer (and definitely gave in to the temptation of a few milkshakes and corndogs along the way), and that’s when I realized my air conditioning was most definitely NOT working. Yeah, I’m preparing for a windows-down, arriving-sweaty-everywhere-I-go kind of summer. MSN Autos suggests taking these 10 steps to protect your vehicle this summer and ensure it’s set for the season:

  1. Have the A/C Serviced
  2. Replace Coolant
  3. Check the Battery
  4. Give Tires a Once-Over
  5. Replace Windshield Wipers
  6. Examine All Hoses
  7. Eyeball All Belts
  8. Make Sure Fog Lights Work
  9. Replace All Fluids
  10. Wash, Polish and Wax

(You can read the full article here.)

Last, but certainly not least, the soundtrack to your summer vacation is critical. That’s why we’ve got a FREE LifeSongs App for your smartphone! That’s right, even on a drive all the way to Mt. Rushmore or the Grand Canyon, you can bring LifeSongs with you! Check it out here, and bring the reminder that God is good, all the time with you wherever you go! Happy trails!