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Remember when pumpkin-spice was just for pie? Those days are long gone. Since the 2003 Starbucks debut of the “PSL” (that’s Pumpkin Spice Latte for those not fluent in pumpkin shorthand), each autumnal season seems to bring even MORE pumpkin (and simply pumpkin-SPICED) edibles for our fall palates to enjoy.

It’s like Willy Wonka’s factory went crazy and hit the pumpkin button on EVERYTHING! Pumpkin Oreos! Pumpkin donuts! Pumpkin spiced Greek yogurt! Marshmallows! Pudding! Oatmeal! Peanut Butter! Bagels! Even almonds?! Hmmm. Have we gone overboard? Perhaps, just a tad.

Who can blame us? Those scents and blend of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger evoke the cozy, warm feelings of the fall season. And, in a region that doesn’t see the bright changes of leaf color and where the air may not ever get as “crisp” as other parts of the country, we can always rely on the scent and flavors of fall to remind us this season is here.

It’s funny to me how often the “pumpkin” flavored items don’t actually even contain any pumpkin in them. I guess all the actual pumpkins are getting picked at various church and farm patches, just to decorate porches and stoops. Yet another sign of the season.

What are your plans this month? Will you be carving one of those pumpkins? Handing out treats? Celebrating the arrival of fall with a harvest festival at your church? Click here to check out our Community Calendar to find more info on the many fun events (and yes, there will be candy!) like Harvest Fests, Pumpkin Patches, Trunk or Treat events, Hallelujah Parties and more going on at churches in our area.

If you are planning on staying in, keep in mind that this may be the only night of the year where you have all of your neighbors coming directly to you, ringing your doorbell! What a great opportunity to build relationships in your community, and share the Gospel! Maybe you can add a Bible verse, an invitation to your church, one of these handy printables or even a LifeSongs sticker to your candy “treats” to hand out. If your church is hosting an event, be sure to submit the event for our Community Calendar – plus we have LifeSongs treat bags we would love to donate, free of charge!

Whatever your plans may be, I encourage you to let the light of God’s love shine bright through you, and enjoy the “flavor” of this fall season!