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Yeah I said wallpaper!

When was the last time you thought about putting some wallpaper up to give your home a face lift?  I had to see this for myself.  Why? Because the only thing I remember about wallpaper is that it was a pain to get off the walls.  I didn’t like it and it was messy. Well…

LifeSongs recently partnered with The Pattern Collective in Metairie. I had to go see this for myself. First off you can never miss this building. It is bright Pink and bold with a beautiful new sign. I walked in and was greeted by Brittany, the owner. She was excited to visit with me.  I asked a lot of questions, the most important one was “Why Lifesongs?” I will get into her answer in a minute.

I asked about wallpaper and she blew me away with the knowledge she had. She made me a believer in WALLPAPER. The amazing designs; we are not talking yellow ducks and stripes here, we are talking beautiful art. Then I noticed the fabrics! Her designers from all over the world not only design the wallpaper but they also make fabric to ensure your home is matching and looks the best it can.

What a visit!  Now to the answer that made me feel even better about meeting with Brittany. When I asked her “why LifeSongs” her reply was amazing, to say the least. She said “I listen to LifeSongs everyday!”  She went on to tell me that she operates under biblical principles and never wanted to be a pushy business. She wants to give her clients the information to help them make the best decision.

You know that is an amazing way to run your business and when you see the pink building on Metairie Road stop in and say Vance sent you.

You know, the way Brittany runs her business reminds me of what Jesus did while he was here on Earth. He came to give us the information we needed to know about His Father, our Father, Heaven and Hell.  He was never pushy about following Him. He showed us the facts, told us stories, and showed undeniable love – all to ensure we have the best information to make the best decision!

Jesus did this all while letting us know that we still have FREE WILL. Then He gave his life so that our sins can be forgiven. Why would He do that you might ask?

Because GOD is GOOD all the TIME!

*If you want to connect your local business or ministry with LifeSongs – contact [email protected] or call the office at 504-816-8000.