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Elena, “Your phone dinged. Who’s texting you?”

Me, “No one. It’s another notification for Black Friday sales.”

True story – that was my life beginning on November 1st. Was that your experience as well? On my phone, in every one of my email inboxes and in the mail – a constant stream of advertising. And some of the deals look GOOD. Like to the point where I would argue with myself that it would be poor stewardship to NOT buy things I don’t really need.

As a lifelong fan of Christmas, I wrestle with the commercialization of the Season. I love buying presents for people (it’s one of my favorite love languages) – and I love getting new stuff. But stuff has a big impact on my heart, personally. It can quickly become an idol in my life – something of greater importance than God’s Kingdom. When my focus shifts to stuff I want, it is not on Who I need.

So what do I do? It’s Christmas in America and there are giant flat screen televisions for a $100! How do I lock my attention on God’s greatest gift in a world distracting me with dings and toys and 75% off sales? Well, I start with this passage of scripture:

6 For a child is born to us,
a son is given to us.
The government will rest on his shoulders.
And he will be called:
Wonderful Counselor,[d] Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
7 His government and its peace
will never end.
He will rule with fairness and justice from the throne of his ancestor David
for all eternity.
Isaiah 9:6-7 NLT