Memory Lane | Nancy

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(Check out the blogcast above – Nancy got put through the LifeSongs Lightning Round by our listener, Grace!)

So how about a little trip down memory lane?

Do you remember The Gate? What about Thursday night live request Show? Back in the day, when Lifesongs was basically a cubicle on the campus of the New Orleans Baptist Seminary, were my humble beginnings with the station. I didn’t even really get paid, I just loved hanging out with Libby and the Lifesongs family, which back then, we had Mrs. Pat, Josh and Julie and Stan.

Next thing I know I am doing a Saturday morning show and the evenings in an official capacity. My husband says it figures I would find something where I get paid to talk! I love to talk so this is perfect! So I hung out doing the evening show until my sweet girl Sophie came along. She’s now 17. Came back for a little while, then had Jack. And was supposed to return on August 29th 2005.

God had other plans. Since then I have been raising my awesome kids and just hanging with my Lifesongs family during Share-A -Thon for the past few years. To be back on the air with Josh is like… I have been the out-of-town Aunt that visits for Holidays, but is now back in town with a seat at the family table! I’m so very excited to be back in the LifeSongs studios and on this new adventure! I’m also excited about the great new changes in the station and grateful to be a part of the growth.