Mandisa | 1976-2024

In Home Page by Josh

Earlier this morning (Friday, April 19, 2024) reports began to come in about a tragic loss to the Christian Music community – to all the people of God’s Kingdom; Mandisa passed away last night at her home in Nashville.  At this time, there are no other confirmed details. She was 47 years old.

We are grieving the loss. Mandisa was one of the most authentic and kind people. She danced the delicate line of joy and passion with resolve and also despair and depression. We know she is at peace with Jesus, whom she professed at every opportunity. But she leaves a lot of broken hearts here on Earth.

Let’s pray for Peace as her fans and friends and family grieve. There are no easy answers when it comes to grief. It is overwhelming – comes in big and small waves – and is a guaranteed part of this life here on Earth. It is an experience all people deal with at one or many times. But one day, every single tear will be wiped away. Grief will be put to death forever when Jesus returns and establishes his Forever Kingdom.

That’s the great hope we have – that all that is wrong (and there is so much wrong) will be defeated and replaced with Perfection when our King Jesus arrives. But it is ok to cry and scream and ache and feel the emotions of grief today. You are not alone.

– The LifeSongs Family