Like A Child | Libby

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We’ve been taking family walks together in the evenings lately, and one of my neighbors has a giant inflatable light-up Christmas tree on their lawn. It’s next to a huge inflatable snowman, a slightly smaller gingerbread man, and a few (more seasonal) pumpkins. And you know what? It’s become a destination for us on these walks because my son LOVES it. His little 4-year old face lights up with delight as we get closer to this mixed up decorated wonderland just down the block. And seeing his excitement makes me so happy!

According to experts, decorating for Christmas early may make you happier. The reason? Those decorations evoke strong feelings of childhood, and putting them up early helps extend the excitement of the season. Logical enough, right?

Seeing things through the eyes of a child, especially these days, is something I’d like more of. Think about it. Kids aren’t scrolling through negative comments on social media or getting frustrated in traffic. They’re wearing capes and eating candy and getting ridiculously excited over things like an inflatable gingerbread man or the sound of the ice cream truck coming down the street.

There are other childlike qualities I’d like to embrace, too. Trusting, following, believing. Jesus said we must become like children to enter the Kingdom of God. I want to laugh more, to worry less. I want to get excited over the small things, and to be quick to trust in and run to Jesus.

As we approach the time of year that involves gathering around the table to give thanks and the magic and merriment of the Christmas season, I want a seat at the kids’ table. I pray God helps us embrace Him with childlike wonder, laughter, joy and hope.