Joy | Vance

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The year 2020 seems to be a mystery or just a year of confusion and pain.

We can all look back and say, “man this year was horrible.” Did this year have some downs? YES! It did! However, as I look back and reflect I am able to see that some amazing things happened this year. Share-a-thon for LifeSongs was a success, I mean here we were in the middle of craziness and BAM, God showed up and showed everyone that He is still in control and funded LifeSongs completely. 

Also, as I look back I think of how many people were able to start attending church via online. People who may have never stepped into a church are now attending online service every week and building their relationship with God. 

As I look back at my own life this year I realize how much time I had to dive into the Bible and learn. I also cannot forget the time that I have had with my family this year, getting the kids outside, playing games, and just spending that quality time with them-that is often missed when life gets in the way. 

You see, there are things that we can definitely say were bad this year. We can complain about a lot, we can focus on the bad because this year was crazy! But, As I sit here writing this blog, I have a smile on my face as I feel God telling me “it was time to slow down and focus on Me”. 

God has never left us and He is still with us helping us along the way. If you are like me your mind may be clouded a little, but if we just look back at the good he has done, we will find JOY because GOD is GOOD all the TIME!