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This past March the wife and I made 13 years…a long time. We decided that we wanted to go together somewhere – just us. So we asked my parents to watch the kids, grabbed the travel trailer and headed to Gulf Shores.

We got a nice spot at Gulf Shores State Park and set up camp. On the way out there we talked on how this weekend was going to be about us and God and just how we can include Him more in our relationship. The next morning we got up and looked on the internet to find something to do. We found an art fest going on not too far away in Orange Beach.

As we were getting close we kept seeing signs for parking. Brandye kept saying “there’s a spot, there’s a spot,” but I am not about walking long distances, so I kept driving. As we got closer to the fest, parking was looking slim; however, right next to the fest was a church, so I said let’s go park in there.

The parking lot was full except for one spot that was not really a spot, but we asked if we could park there anyway. One of the church members said Sure and moved the cone for us. God was at work. We got out of the car and were approached by some of the friendliest people I have ever met. They were so kind!  I started to ask questions about paying for the spot. They answered, “if you would like to donate to the church you can, but we are not charging.”

That’s not the part that blew me away, however.  I started talking to them about their church, only to find out that the main sanctuary burned down about a year ago. Now here we are, a huge fest that has several thousand people showing up and parking lots several blocks away were charging to park and they may or may not have needed the money.  But this church who needs the money won’t charge.

I was amazed.  I found out that their youth minister has 12 kids. They go around setting up youth groups and helping them grow. Just the works that this church does; they raise money to help people go on mission trips and they still have a burnt sanctuary – wow! Talk about obedience, being a messenger and believing in God.

The wife and I decided to attend the church the next day and the message was amazing. Not to mention, the guy I thought was a church member was the lead pastor. The message truly was amazing. It made me wonder if I am humble enough to step back and let God do His thing even when I don’t feel like that’s what I should be doing. As I was leaving I spoke with the pastor again and he was so positive that God had everything under control. I wished them the best and told them they are now our vacation church.

When the wife and I got back in the car we were both filled with joy for them.  We knew that God was going to take care of them because God is Good All the Time!