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Gratitude is a simple concept, really. Google defines gratitude as “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

Look at me; I’ve started this blog with a definition, and it’s not even from Webster’s. College professor’s would either be consumed immediately or infuriated. Most likely the latter. But what my former English Professor Ms. McDonald would think is irrelevant to me right now because I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. I’d say it’s a safe presumption that all of us here at LifeSongs are grateful and filled with immense gratitude. And it’s because of YOU. It’s because of your financial support that this radio station can stay on the air for six months longer and it’s because of you that we’ve been on the air for 40 years now.

It cannot be stressed enough how incredible a feat like being on the air for 40 years is, but it’s imperative that what truly makes it so impressive is made clear. It’s because of YOU. You gave and supported this ministry. You joined this community and became a part of close family. Maybe you gave once or a few times over 40 years, maybe it was your first time giving this past Share-A-Thon, or maybe you’ve given countless times for years now; no matter the prevalence or the amount, you helped continue a ministry that is able to reach thousands in Southeast Louisiana and all over the world through the LifeSongs App and

One of the coolest parts of our most recent Share-A-Thon was how it coincided with our 40th birthday celebration that occurred about a month prior on February 5th. Leading up to and even during Share-A-Thon we were able to hear so many incredible stories from so many outstanding people. Each and every story was unique in its very own beautiful way. The stories ranged from miracle Cancer vanishments, to LifeSongs being there during tough times, or maybe LifeSongs being apart of your life when you were first saved– the variety of the stories never lessened the quality. The truth is we all have our stories and our own walks. During these walks we all need friends to lean on, shoulders to cry on, and a strong community to be apart of. LifeSongs is that community, and it’s able to be that because of you and that’s because of your financial support for the past 40 years.

Thank you. Thank you so much for supporting this ministry. We are truly, sincerely filled with gratitude. Thank you for becoming apart of the best family in the world.