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As I sit here asking GOD, What do “YOU” want to say in this blog? – all I can think about is: How am I going to glorify GOD more this year than last year?

Last year was full of ups and downs, however I have to say there were more ups than downs. I got to meet so many listeners at all the events, was able to listen to amazing testimonies from business partners as well as listeners, I was also able to meet some amazing stars for Christ, my wife and I bought our first home and lots more!

GOD was the center of it all. It’s easy to glorify Him in the good times, however I want to be able to show Him glory even in the times that don’t feel that good. For instance, when my wife and I started looking for a house, we were set on buying a particular one. Looking back now, that was not GOD’s plan. Nothing was going right!  It was under contract, it wasn’t under contract – just a back and forth battle.

At the time I kept asking why and I was not getting an answer. I was not allowing GOD to do His work. It looked as if my faith had started to break. There I was, needing to Glorify GOD, and instead I was questioning HIM.

Since I have already told you guys that we bought a home, I can happily say we were able to find the right house GOD wanted for us. We didn’t just buy a home we bought our GOD-blessed-forever-home!

So this year I encourage myself and everyone around me to find the GLORY in everything HE does for us, even when it may not look right or go the way we want it to. Even when it seems all is lost and the pain is too much, we need to know that GOD is by us and has everything under control. Because GOD is GOOD all the TIME!