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Let’s talk about firsts. My son Gus is two, and this summer, we took him to see his first movie in the theater.  I didn’t expect him to last too long, but we were willing to abandon ship whenever he got bored or disruptive. But you know what? We didn’t have to. He LOVED it. He sat riveted through the entire showing of Space Jam at the Prytania. (Yes, Space Jam. I know.)

(Full disclosure: he still may have been a bit disruptive. For anyone who may have been there, I apologize for the little two year old yelling at the screen “HI, MICHAEL JORDAN! OH MAN! ARE YOU OKAY, MICHAEL JORDAN?! HE’S DUNKIN’ IT! THAT’S MUGGSY BOGUES!”)

He didn’t care for the popcorn (bonus for me!), but he was enthralled by the movie. It was such a joy to watch him enjoy something for the first time!

As a new school year is now underway, you might be watching your kids experience some firsts, too. First day of school, first time riding the bus, first time getting school lunch in the cafeteria or going on a field trip, or maybe first time waking up on their own with an alarm.

Firsts can be scary. After all, how do you know what’s going to happen if it’s never happened before? I want to encourage you as you face the firsts ahead to do your best to let go of those fears and embrace these moments that will never be “firsts” again. Who knows? You could be pleasantly surprised by the joy that awaits.

The best way to “let go” of those fears? Give them to God. I’m praying for you and all those around you starting something new. If we can pray for your child’s school specifically, we’d love to! Nominate it to be a LifeSongs Prayer School here!

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