Dream BIG | Jasmine

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Wintertime is my favorite time of the year. I love bonfires, fuzzy socks, hot cocoa, fleece blankets, pea coats,  and most importantly the celebration of our Lord’s birth.

Along with all of my plans for giving and celebrating in December I love to dream and plan for the upcoming year.  

I’m not sure if that’s a learned habit or my Type A personality, but I love setting goals and planning exciting, BIG things for the new year. So far on my planned list for 2018 is a retreat to Tennessee, a Galentines event, and a big blow out 25th birthday party!

On the other hand, goals can honestly be a bit scary. I am not going to lie. My lists have definitely shortened over the past couple of years.  My goals that involved changing the world were replaced with goals to just… well, survive.

I would pray, “Lord, please make sure all of my bills are paid on time and that I’m thankful and grateful wherever you place me,” period, the end.

Jeesh, so exciting right?

While those are great goals, I believe our God desires us to dream for more than just the bare minimum.

Psalms 20:4 says, “May he grant your heart’s desires and make all your plans succeed.”

What if this year, you and I decided to ask God for more than just the bare minimum of our needs and desires?  What if you set a goal to finally start that cake business you’ve been dreaming of for years to start?  Went on that missions trip to Uganda?  Fed the homeless?  Conquered your fear of heights and went skydiving?

Whatever your dream is, dream it BIG for this upcoming year.