Class of 2023 | Libby

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Is it just me, or is this suddenly the busiest time of the year? It was all “it’s cool, we’re chill, just easing out of king cake season and into spring cleaning” and now suddenly here we are with graduations and summer camp registrations and Mother’s Day all quickly approaching. Trying to manage ALL THE THINGS? Me too.

My six year old is getting ready for his kindergarten graduation, and also (unrelated) starting to lose his teeth. I have a feeling we’ll have a pretty funny photo of a toothless Gus in a tiny cap & gown to commemorate this day. And I’m glad for that, because this day has come faster than I think I was ready for.

Life is funny that way, isn’t it? Are we ever really “ready” for anything? In our own terms of preparation, no. At least I know I’m not. (“We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” Proverbs 16:9) Mercifully, though, with God, we can be ready for whatever may come: the good, the unexpected, the toothless and everything in between. And we can know that He will get us where we need to be in life, in HIS timing. I still don’t always feel prepared, and I still find myself thrown off by the unexpected. But I’m trying to let go and truly trust in God, every (unprepared) step of the way. The beauty I’m seeing is that I don’t have to control it all or have everything perfectly aligned in order for it to work out or be beautiful. The beauty is in trusting God! The perfection is in His plan, not mine. And He is working all things for good (Romans 8:28).

This kindergarten graduation ceremony may very well include some forgotten lyrics to “America The Beautiful” or a stumble, an untied shoe or crooked bow tie. Maybe even a mid-procession tooth loss, who knows? Only God. And I’m trusting Him in every moment, and enjoying the journey, every step of the way.

If you’re a graduate (kindergarten, high school, college, etc.) of the class of 2023, or celebrating one, I want to encourage you to trust God with your future. Know that He loves you and has a plan for you. He knows you better than anyone else, and, no matter how prepared (or unprepared) you may feel for what’s next, God will reveal the next step to you. Just ask! And enjoy the adventure with Him as your guide. (And, if you’re past that kindergarten graduation, try not to lose any more teeth.)