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I wish we all had personal cheerleaders. (Shout out to Logan Cain, of the band Cain, who is an actual cheerleading champion!)

Imagine having a team of folks whose sole purpose is to pump you up, encourage you when you are down, and, I guess, spell out simple words. (That seems to be a big part of cheerleading.)

Honestly, this is a dream we can MAKE true, by being each other’s cheerleaders!

“..your morning show is the best part of my day, especially on the way to school where I am a middle school teacher. I often share your words/news/comments that I hear on the way into “work.” The Holy Spirit has given you a gift. Thank you for sharing it on air. You & Libby are amazing humans. I thank God for you both and the rest of your team at Lifesongs.”
-Sheila David

Sheila is an exceptional cheerleader! I feel ten feet tall and so grateful because of her encouragement. The truth is, the LifeSongs team isn’t anything but WILLING. Just like you! We’re willing to be a light. We’re willing to admit our shortcomings and how God more than makes up for them. And we’re willing to use whatever talents, skills and finances God has given us to share His Love with Southeast Louisiana and the world!

Because of your generous support of LifeSongs, I want to give you a T-H-A-N-K-S!
What’s that spell?

BTW… Here’s Logan Cain showing off his cheer-skills…


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