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“It’s 9:40 and the Newsboys haven’t even taken the stage!”

I’m not even sure where the time went Friday night. One moment it was 4:30 in the afternoon and the LifeSongs gang was setting up our table next to Papa John’s pizza, sandwiched between Sidewalk Prophets merch and the table for Seventh Time Down. The next thing I know, we’re jumping around to the Newsboys and it is nearly eleven o’clock at night. That’s a sure-fire sign that it has been an epic concert – when you don’t even remember what day it is anymore!

Friday evening at the UNO Lakefront Arena, Church was had. Big Church. The Big Church Night Out tour blew into town and gave thousands of us a night to remember. And there was something for everyone! There was worship, pop, gospel, hymns, choruses, rap, rock and then whatever it is that the Newsboys do – which is sort of all of that wrapped up into a bow and sprinkled with a spinning airborne drum kit…

There was even a magician… sorry, illusionist. Seriously. It was an incredible night!

But the best part wasn’t the music. It wasn’t even the laser lights or the crowd cheering “God is good all the time!” The best part of Big Church Night Out, was a bit like the best part of going to your home church – it was hearing different testimonies and stories. Folks from all walks of life – from every corner of Southeast Louisiana – came by the LifeSongs booth and shared how Jesus had changed their lives. For some, it was rescue from a life of debauchery in the Quarter, miraculous healings and for others, it was the daily struggle to live for Jesus.

It’s an incredible honor for the LifeSongs family to serve the local Body of Christ. It’s a joy to provide the soundtrack to a daily walk with Jesus. Thank you for making LifeSongs possible and for joining us for incredible nights of Church, like Friday’s concert. We can’t wait to hear your story next time!