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I was shooting some baskets with my kids (Kaylee and Ben) and, well … it had been a while. I was rusty. The ball clanged off the rim over and over until finally I settled down and found my follow through. That’s the secret to nailing your shot – not just the set up, but the follow through. And that got me thinking about other things in life that take a little warming up, before you are rewarded with a SWISH instead of a CLANG…

I’ve been so impressed and so grateful for the follow through of the LifeSongs family who committed to give during our Fall Shareathon.  Faith in action!  You didn’t speak empty words of support, you are stepping up to the line and trusting God to provide as you follow through on your promise.  It’s amazing to see. It’s powerful to be a part of this ministry family, sharing God’s Love with Southeast Louisiana and the world!

What other ways can we follow through in life? What are the things in this walk with God that take a little extra effort, but are always worth the time? For me, I guess it starts with being more intentional in my prayer time and getting up a little earlier on Sunday for Bible Study before the worship service. How about you?