40 Day Challenge? | Libby

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Here we are, nearly 3 months into 2021. How’s this year feeling for you so far?

Many of us kick off a new year full of hope, ready to try healthier habits and set new goals. Maybe you haven’t lost all the weight you planned to yet, or maybe you’re still having pizza dinners more often than you’d hoped. But have you stuck with or noticed any positive changes so far, no matter how small they seem?

Those small decisions we make and actions we take every day actually do add up to have a big impact. Maybe you already noticed that pattern by joining us at the start of this year for the LifeSongs 30 Day Challenge. Small, simple steps each day (even as simple as listening to LifeSongs!) for 30 days can really add up to a totally different attitude and perspective! (In fact, if you did, we’d love to hear how God’s used that to have a positive impact in your life! Share your story with us here: [email protected]!)

The decision to read and share the LifeSongs Uplifting Word with someone, the 30-second pause you take to pray for a school as you drive past, the choice to crank up LifeSongs and worship with us instead of focusing on how bad the traffic is – these may seem small, but they can be a huge part of having a more positive perspective, a heart of gratitude and a shift toward HOPE.

That’s important to remember, especially as we enter this season leading up to Easter. The 40 days of Lent have begun, and it’s a great time to create space in the middle of the crazy busy-ness of life to appreciate what is always there: our living hope. It can be a time to become more aware of God’s presence, His voice and His love for us. Because of what Jesus has done for us on the cross, we have HOPE. Many people take on a discipline during this time or fast from something to remind themselves of just that. Whatever your approach to this season is, thank you for making those daily decisions, however small they seem, to make space for what matters: keeping our eyes on God.

Thank you for choosing to do that with LifeSongs each day. Your support makes it possible for us to be part of sharing hope everyday. We’re grateful you’re part of our family.