What’s New | September 26

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Are you an overthinker? Sometimes we over complicate things. Bart Millard of MercyMe can relate. He says he struggles with that, too, while trying to come up with new creative ways to sing about Jesus. But the message of their song “Then Christ Came” is simple. He says, “It’s about what I was before and then Jesus showed up and now everything has changed.” 


When my God builds something, nothing can tear it down. That’s the encouraging truth found in Hope Darst’s song “If The Lord Builds The House.” She shares, “I know that every time I’m singing these words, I’m declaring something that I’m putting into both my spirit and into the atmosphere. I can’t tear this thing down, the enemy can’t tear this thing down. If I’m building my life on a firm foundation, no matter what I face God will stand firm and He will hold me in the midst of that.”


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