What’s New | October 26

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2020 has felt like an uphill battle, hasn’t it? But there’s good news: in Jesus, we stand on the side of a battle that has already been won! That’s what Phil Wickham’s song “Battle Belongs” proclaims. Phil says, “In 2 Chronicles 20, one of my favorite stories in the Bible, a huge army has amassed to come against the people of God. Every time I sing it, it pumps me up because we know that in anything we might face, our God is bigger! I hope this song reminds people that He is with us and for us. If we stand firm and hold our position, we will see the salvation of the Lord on our behalf!”

Do you find yourself looking for peace? If you are battling with trust and trying to hold on to things too much, Jeremy Camp’s song “Out Of My Hands” is for you. Jeremy says it came from a place of realizing he was trying to hold things in his own hands, but realized he wasn’t meant to. He’s not in control – God is. When we finally get that and can truly let go, that’s where the peace is.

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