What’s New | November 8

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Romans 8:28 is one of Riley Clemmons’ favorite scriptures. It’s the inspiration for her song, “For The Good.” She shares, “This verse has brought my family & myself so much comfort over the past couple of years, as not only we’ve walked through a tough time as a family, but as we’ve watched the world around us change. Never so much before have we needed the promise that God is working things together for the good. I hope this song encourages you & reminds you, no matter what season you’re walking through, that God is with you and for you.” -Riley Clemmons

God is good. He is our faithful and kind Father. Ryan Ellis says his song, “Heart Of The Father” was written in a season where he was learning all about the goodness and kindness of God. He says, “It was a time when I was learning more about His grace and what it looks like to be His son, and learning how to love others well through that. I hope it encourages you and brings you closer to Jesus and the heart of the Father.” -Ryan Ellis

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