What’s New | May 20

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The song, “Believe For It,” on Cece Winans’ first ever live album (how is that possible?!), was a song that came in at the last moment. CeCe says it feels like it was picked to be an encouragement for this time, right now. Be encouraged by this statement of praise and thanksgiving – better days are ahead – BELIEVE FOR IT!

Many of us have suffered loss in this recent season of life. Anne Wilson understands the heartache. After the loss of her brother, God’s comfort helped her find healing and changed the course of her life. (It also inspired her song, “My Jesus.”) She shares, “When I came to know Him, I quickly realized that Jesus is a personal Jesus. What I really want people to know and understand when they listen to this song is that Jesus can be personal for them, too. He can be their Jesus; and He’s going to carry them through every tragedy and every loss they go through.”

Have you been in a challenging season recently? Blanca can relate. She’s faced some incredibly difficult situations over the last few years. She says, “I found myself at a place where I was attaching these emotions I was feeling to characteristics I thought I would find in God. And what He showed me is even at my worst time, where I thought He would turn His back on me, where I thought He would be disappointed, what He showed instead was His grace, His mercy, and that He was going to love me through whatever challenges I was facing.” This helped to inspire her song, “Even At My Worst,” which she says has been healing in a time she really needed it. “My prayer is that it can be healing to you as well, with whatever you may be walking through.”

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