What’s New | May 15

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What do we do with the pain, sorrow, and struggle we experience in this world? In their song, “Heaven Changes Everything,” Big Daddy Weave shares a song that came from pain, sorrow, and loss to speak the truth: a heaven-centered perspective changes everything. Mike Weaver says, “I was at an all-time low after losing my father, my mother, and then my brother Jay. Then the thought came to me, ‘What is it like for someone who doesn’t know about heaven?’ Because we have the hope of heaven, and because Jesus said heaven is right here inside of our hearts, it changes everything about the way we see life now and the way we see life in the future. I love that when I think about heaven, everything shifts and is put into perspective. I’m so thankful that heaven changes everything.”


Terrian’s song “Big God” is a reminder that the challenges of this world pale in comparison to the size of our Creator. “Sometimes you can convince yourself that your problems are bigger than God, and it’s just not true. He sees things in a way we don’t see it,” Terrian explains. “I like that the song is upbeat, but lyrically, it means a lot. It’s gotten me out of bed a few times, just listening to it.”


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