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We are living in unprecedented times. Stress levels are high, but there is hope. We don’t have to fear because we know where our help comes from. So, even in all this chaos, take a moment to remember this. Today is our day to be everything that God has created us to be. Let our confidence be in Him. Be reminded of that in Stars Go Dim’s song, “It’s Gonna Get Better.”

God is all that we ever need. He has always provided for our needs. That’s so important to remember, especially in times like these. We can consistently look to our past to see when God has come through to give us hope for the future. He’s everything we’ve ever needed. Amidst painful battles against anxiety and depression, Chad Mattson of Unspoken wrote the song “You’ve Always Been” as a soulful declaration of God’s constant, dependable presence, no matter our circumstances.

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