What’s New | June 28

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If you’ve been fighting a battle, feeling like you barely have the strength to go on, Andrew Ripp has been there, too. It helped inspire his song, “Rejoice.” He says in that time, “I felt in my spirit I was being called to sing praise over myself and my wife. So, without overthinking, I got out of bed and walked to the piano where I began to sing ‘Rejoice, Rejoice’ over and over again. The more I sang it, the lighter I felt. I could literally feel the weight being lifted off of me in the spirit. It was CRAZY and it changed my life. Singing over ourselves is a powerful weapon we have been given. My prayer is that this song will be your go to in every circumstance – mountaintop or valley.”- Andrew Ripp

The past year or so has been filled with change. We’ve adapted, adjusted, and realized things we may have taken for granted. Phil Wickham says, “For the past twenty years as I’ve been leading worship, I’ve never taken for granted what I get to do… but I’ve always taken for granted being able to gather together. Now that was taken away for a little bit, I will never take that for granted again. As we’re coming back into rooms, I’ve been leading ‘House Of The Lord’ in my church and in worship nights, and this song is just doing something special – lighting people’s hearts up in worship. The song is so full of joy and thankfulness – reminding our hearts who we are in Jesus. We no longer have to travel to a holy city and visit a temple to meet with the presence of God. Through Jesus, we have become the temple. Wherever we gather, He promises to be there in the midst! God living inside of us and working through us to bring His kingdom, will, and way out into the world around us. I just find that when I sing thankfulness into fear, when I sing thankfulness into the darkness, I’m reminded who Jesus is and it fills my heart with joy – because joy is connected not to my circumstance but who I am in Jesus. May you carry this great calling with courage, love and joy today!” – Phil Wickham

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