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Fear. It’s a universal struggle, and one that Francesca Battistelli knows all too well. She wrote this latest song as an anthem for all of us who deal with fear in our lives, an encouragement to “break up” with fear and trust God, no longer letting fear hold us back! *Fun fact: Franny’s dad plays trumpet on this song!

How did you feel when you woke up this morning? We all have our good days and our not-so-good ones.

Micah Tyler says he wrote his song, “Even Then,” because he wants to trust and stand on the promises of God, no matter how he feels on any given day. God promises that, even though we may have troubles in this world, He has overcome the world! If we stand on that truth, we know we can trust in Him, even on those not-so-good days.

“My heart beats, only for Your glory
My hands reach, up for You to hold me
My soul sings, ‘Father You are holy’
My feet dance, to Your Rhythm, to Your rhythm
Oh, every beat is calling
Every beat is calling out Your name”

These are the lyrics to the chorus for North Point InsideOut’s song, “Every Beat.” The worshipers from Georgia sing about God’s love bringing life, freedom and love. Fair warning: when you hear it, you may not be able to help but dance to “Every Beat,” too!

Travis Greene hails from South Carolina, but considers himself a Georgia boy. He currently leads Forward City Church in Columbia, SC, and says his latest song, “Love Will Always Win,” is a declaration of hope with a powerful message of love conquering hate; a beautiful reminder of the Hope we have in every circumstance.

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