What’s New | July 8

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Sometimes it’s hard to feel like you can truly rely on something or someone. But Cody Carnes’s song “Take You At Your Word” is a great reminder that our God is fully worthy of our trust. We can trust that God will never fail us, and that His love, grace, and hope will never give up on us.

Brandon Lake’s autobiographical song, “Miracle Child” was inspired by his own mother, who struggled with recurring pregnancy loss before she gave birth to him and his two siblings. Though her path toward motherhood was filled with challenges, his mom chose to trust God’s timing and believe in the bigger plan He had for her life and the lives of her future children. “I’m thankful my mom trusted God and persevered,” Brandon shares, “because of that I am alive. My parents experienced six miscarriages, and that’s why I can say confidently today that I am a ‘miracle child.’ I wrote this song from that place. I pray it gives you faith to know that nothing is impossible for God.”

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