What’s New | July 27

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In light of everything going on in the world, it’s easy to let fear creep in and let our current situation cloud our thinking and let us forget what God has done for us. Josh Baldwin’s song, “Evidence,” reminds us of what we know of the Lord: He is always been for us, He’s always been with us, He has always been good. We can walk in victory in knowing the truth, and trusting that He is our strength. Thank him for the evidence of that in our lives!

Austin French wrote his song “Wake Up Sleeper” about one of his favorite stories in the Bible – found in Luke – when Jesus interrupts a funeral.

A little boy had died, and his widowed mother and a group of people were carrying his body to be buried outside of the town when they encountered Jesus. Now Jesus – as a religious leader – should have turned the other way because touching something dead would make Him unclean. But that didn’t stop Jesus. He walked up to the coffin and told the little boy to wake up.

“In that moment, Jesus took what everyone considered done, over, and dead and brought a little boy back to life. That’s just what Jesus does today. I pray this song reminds us all that we were dead in our sins, only Jesus can wake us up. That’s the gospel, and it’s our job to tell the world about a Savior who wakes up sleepers even still today.” –Austin French

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