What’s New | JUL 16

In Blog by Josh

What’s in your recent text history? Mostly emojis? Yeah, not all of us can be Phil Wickham, who actually wrote his latest song, “Living Hope,” line by line over text message with Brian Johnson from Bethel Music. Phil says he loves singing the truth of this song, and that truth is that God has rescued us from a place that we could never have rescued ourselves. Our future was death, but Jesus came in and brought life – a living hope – into our souls and into our lives.

Do you find yourself fighting the voices in your mind that tell you you’re not good enough? That you’ll never measure up? You are not alone in that struggle. Lauren Daigle addresses this in her brand new song, “You Say.” It’s a powerful reminder of who God says you are – loved and His. Let how God sees you encourage you to believe in and find strength in His word over you! It’s only there that we can find our worth.

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